How to wear the fragrance like a pro?

As the summer begins, people begin to search for a better perfume to smell good in this scorching heat. Anyone can buy perfume but not everybody knows how to wear it perfectly. You may also be one of them. But there is nothing to worry about as your guide is present here. So just lay down on your bed or any comfortable position. Here are some pro tips to apply your perfume to smell long lasting.

Fragrance is kind of a confidence booster itself. It is better option to get someone’s attention as compared to suit or any other thing you wear. It become a must in summer specially for men.

Women have more sweat glands as compared to men. But men’s sweat gland is much more active than women’s. Inspite of that, according to a survey, 80 percent of men did not use perfume on a regular basis. You may be one of them. Maybe you are starting to wear perfume daily but do not have an idea how to wear it. Let a professional handle this. Let’s start

1. Understand what cologne is.

Do not worry I will tell you the meaning of cologne.
You will hear the word cologne from different fragrances and perfume sellers. Even from the styling experts. It does not mean a special type of perfume for men or women. It is just the amount of oils present in your fragrance.

Happy now. Cologne means the concentration of oil in perfume will be 2 to 4 percent. Eau De toilette means the concentration is from 5 to 15 percent and if it is above 20 percent then it will be called as perfume. Hoo! Lots of definition though.

As the concentration will increase the fragrance power will also increase. More concentration means more will be long lasting effect of fragrances.
Sillage is also a term used oftenly for fragrances.

It tells us about the degree of lingering of fragrance in air. Okay I know it is hard to know but yes you can read it again. According to your wish you can choose from them. After all you are the one who matters.

2. Apply your fragrance in right way.

Now after considering the concentration the neat step is to use it. So let’s discuss how to apply your fragrance correctly.For cologne you should apply it on your body parts which are warm. It will push the fragrance in air to give you a lasting fragrance throughout. If you want a cool touch of fragrance apply the perfume right after the bath on dry skins.

The best parts to apply fragrance arebehind the ears, the back of the neck, the chest, the shoulders, the wrists, the inner elbows, and the forearms. It all depends on your preference. Somebody strongly recommend behind the ear as it is the closest part when you talk to any person.

The safety distance is written on your Perfumes but the professionals recommend 3 to 6 inch distance between your part and perfume. Remember not to spray on neck after you shaved it. It will irritation and pain may even cause burn.

Spraying on skin will be best as the fragrance will get enriched when mixed with natural oils of your skin. Spraying on cloth is your option. It will be better option only when you are going to wear layers of cloth.

If you did not, than the fragrance may get buried in your cloths and did not have much effect. But be careful as fragrance and your skins oil may combine give stain on your clothes. First apply at that spot which is not visible.

If you are using a bottle instead of spray then be careful. Do not splash it everywhere. Never ever rub you fragrance on your skin as this may destroy the molecular bonding of fragrances and will make them weaker.

3. Wear your fragrance correctly.

Less is more when it’s come to fragrances. Just put very small amount on your skin or cloth. If you spend your time nearby people than apply very small amount but of you are not much surrounded by people than you may have heavy.

Store your scent in dark and cool place to prevent degradation of your perfume.
And at last remember that “fragrance should be discovered, not announced”.

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