There are perfumes for everyone. Want to know which is suitable for your age? Here is your guide.

Time never stops for anyone. Everything gets older day by day. You will get wrinkle, may get bald, may got your back curved but never worry from this. All of us should get old like grace. Just like humans scents and Perfumes also have it’s working life after which they lose their distinct smell.

There are Perfumes for everyone. You may have experienced that there are some Perfumes which when you smell will remind you of something, you may say this is for older people. So therefore you should understand what will be the best perfume for different ocassions.

Here are some pro tips for you to smell fantastic according to your age. You will get know about which type of perfume will suits you in your different ages.

20 and below

At this age you have just finished your teenage. Hoof! What a busy days. There is truism in its peak in you. You may try whatever you want to try. It’s all about you and you don’t care about others opinions. At this time you did not even have a job at which there are rules on Perfumes you can use. So try all Perfumes you can and smell like whatever you want to be smelled.

Once you hit your late twenties you will begin to look back on time to smell those days. Be bold. As young age is all what you need to be smelled and gets compliments from your loved ones.

Your peer will leaned towards the sweet smell and do not try to try the citrus smell aa they are best for your age peoples.

Davidoff Cool Water is what every boy have in their shelves. It will be your best companion for a date. So do not forget to take it with you on date. It remains as a best seller. If you are a “cool guy” and trying to be bold then do not forget to wear Davidoff Cool Water. As it is a boldest perfume someone had for their twenties.


Now you have grown much and now you are much like a gentleman yourselves. This is time when nobody will call you kid. You will be looking for a job to complete your life happily. I know. As you mature you will try perfume not to smell good but also to get attentions. And you know whom I am about talking. Yeah like a nice man.

You should try something long lasting, something fresh and yes, something bolder. Go for the freshness of lavender and may get an undertone of berries to give you a small but blast smell.

One can also try spicy, citric smelled scents to give you a boost throughout your day and of course everybody will sniff behind you.

Davidoff Cool Water will have a quick and long lasting impression on people who got your back. This is a worldwide trusted brand so do not hesitate to use it. Your neck and wrist are in good hands.

Now you are amn of genre. No look back on time. You are acheiving anew height. Now your tshirts have become more plene and less graphical. Your home may not have a PlayStation. Now you have indulged yourself to compete your goals and dreams.

As your career is going on and your wardrobe had become a decent place. Do not let some sophisticated perfume to hide your personality and let the experienced expert decide what to wear and how to smell in those years.
Davidoff Cool Water will be best for you to have attention of your colleague and will make them to ask you “which one”.
Not everyworkplace have these kind of smell so be calm and wear it to make people goes sniff behind you.


Here comes the hardest age for men. But do not let your youth to detatch from yourselves. Just hold it a bit longer. Do not even think about to smell like an old man. Never. You have more tricks so hold your sleeves up.

Davidoff Cool Water will be a best option for people of this age. Not so sweet but will give you a woody smell with some top pinch of natural fragrance.
It is not atime to fear about what people will say just get them sniff up. If they talk a bit stuffem.

After that try to be like gentlemen and there are scents which will remind you some kind of gentlemen’s club.

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