Ten Facts You Should Know About Your Fragrance!

We all have different types of reflexes toward perfumes or fragrance. If you sneeze or start to have headache near a boy or girls then probably someone would’ve suggested you to stay away from fragrance.

But do you anything more about your fragrance or how much do you know about your fragrance . Most of us don’t know even few things about our perfumes which we have been using it

.We have fragrances in all our bathroom products our soaps, our shampoos,our oils our detergents now we even have conditioners for hair as well as for clothes . They all contains fragrances in them.

Beauty products like mascaras and lipsticks are also made up of these things or ingredients and have fragrances in them.

If you really want to know about the ingredients in your fragrances then let me tell you that you can’t . Here is why you can’t know about the composition.

1- Fragrance ingredients is very confidential and are protected in trade secret law.

It means that the companies have right to hide their product ingredients under this law . They don’t have to disclose their secrets . This is bad for the consumers that they don’t even can know about the ingredients.

We know that some of the ingredients are hazardous. Under this law companies just have to write FRAGRANCE at the place of ingredients. So, go and turn your bottle and you will see fragrance only. But this fragrance word hides minimum 10 number of ingredients. Companies say that they can’t reveal these ingredients due to privacy someone can copy their ingredients and this can loss them .

2- We are surrounded by Fragrance

As I mentioned above that our most of the products have fragrances like our soap, our shampoos, detergents, conditioners , lipsticks, moisturizers etc. All these kinds of products contain these Fragrance. So Fragrances are everywhere around us .

3- No evaluation of some of these core ingredients.

Companies have their own scientists for their product examination and they always mention it that it has clinically safe ,but is true at all? EWG tested the most of the products of Fragrance, Colognes, deodorants body sprays. It was about 20 products which have tested and found that most of the ingredients are not permissible.

4- Fragrance has impact on your hormones working.

It can be possible that your fragrance is messing with your hormones. Test showed that most the are contained hormones-disturbing chemical in them like phthalates. It have strong effect on reproductive health. It has shown by the test aslo.

5- May be are made up of Carcinogens.

16-20 products have tested and showed that most of them were containing myrcene . Many years of research showed that it has carcinogenitic activity in the rats.

6- You could have allergy from it.

Lab tests show that they contain approximately 24 common allergens. Sensitivities can be different in different individuals. It very difficult to diagnose these allergies cause or due to which allergens it is happening.

7- It has air connection.

Due to phthalates it can be easily stick to your body and air as well . So it doesn’t matter who is wearing it , it has to smell by everybody who is around that person. It is also tha main cause of allergies. It has same effect as we have from passive smoking.

8- Mother and Babies should stay away from fragrance.

As we know the core ingredients are very harmful and can cause from allergies to cancer. Mom and baby should avoid it. Before you buy any baby products ensure the safety of your baby first .

9- Nature is beautiful

As we know that naturally occurring substances are very good for our health . So always go for those products which contain natural fragrance like essential oils. If you are more often use your Synthetic perfumes that try to use it less.

10- Knocking the door or the court.

Companies are doing campaign to stop the use of scents. Canada is one the example. A lady filed the suit and claimed that she can’t her work due to sensitisation which occurs due to their colleagues perfumes. She won the case and got 100,000 dollars for the settlement.

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